ホワイトリボンラン2023 Instagramハッシュタグキャンペーン

100-yen-donation per Instagram post

Aim for 5,000 posts!
#whiteribbonrun2023 hashtag challenge

In the White Ribbon Run period (from March 1 to 31, 2023), Why don’t we run in the official T-shirt and post the running photos on Instagram adding the hashtag “#whiteribbonrun2023”, “#healthywomenhealthyworld”, and “#ホワイトリボンラン2023”, so that the partner companies donate 100 yen for you to JOICFP.

You can run whenever and wherever you like in the period. There is no limit numbers of the posts. You can post every day, as many as you can.

We will regularly count the number of #whiteribbonrun2023, “#healthywomenhealthyworld”, and “#ホワイトリボンラン2023”, hashtag posts during the period and update the result on our official Instagram and White Ribbon Run website.

March is marked as White Ribbon Month in conjunction with the International Women’s Day and the Women’s Health Week.
Let’s take an action together with White Ribbon, for yourself, precious someone close to you, and women’s health around the world!


The posting period

From Wednesday, March 1 to Friday, March 31, 2023

Target SNS

Instagram (※Please be noted that posts on Twitter and Facebook will not be counted.)

Amount of donation

100 yen per post will be donated from the partner companies to JOICFP. It will be used for the activities to protect the Ghanaian teenage girls’ lives and health.

Ways to post

Please wear the White Ribbon Run official T-shirt and upload your running photos on the Instagram with designated hashtags (#whiteribbonrun2023, #healthywomenhealthyworld.)
☆Please put on the “White Ribbon Power Sticker” on your T shirt or pants/skirt to promote the activity!

White Ribbon Run 2023
Instagram account URL

https://www.instagram.com/white_ribbon_run ( @white_ribbon_run )
We will count the number of the hashtag posts during the period and update the result on the White Ribbon Run website.

Designated hashtag

Please remember to add the hashtag below.
#whiteribbonrun2023  #healthywomenhealthyworld


  • If the status of your SNS account is private, the post will not be counted.
  • Stories of Instagram is not included.
  • Posted photos and texts may be introduced by JOICFP on our publication and media (including SNS and website)